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“ADVERTISING is the delivery of the most persuasive product message at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, at the lowest possible cost”

Taxis are an excellent advertising medium for reaching a target audience as they arrive, circulate and depart in a selected city. They are also great for general city- wide coverage of your campaign.

Taxi- tops, trunk displays, and interior displays are available and can be tied in with taxi receipts that can be printed with your advertising.

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Our Monthly Advertisement Charges

Door Both Side: Rs. 15,000/- to 25,000/- only

Rear Windshield: Rs. 8,000/- to 12,000/- only

Top Board: Rs. 12,000/- to 15,000/- only

Cab Inside: Rs. 6,000/- to 10,000/- only

Full Wraped: Rs. 50,000/- to 60,000/- only

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Designing, Printing & Pasting charges will be additional.

Board making and installing charges will be additional.

Our guarantee to our clients, is that every car in their campaign will drive at least 3000 KM per month and generate 4,00,000–5,00,000 impressions per month.

Using a pre-determined start date, we will wrap and mobilize all of the campaigning vehicles. By driving within the specified targeted geographic area vehicles will promote a brand’s message as they go about their daily travels.

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